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2 Nov 2020

Romtec-Austria launches Xpert Disinfectant

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Xpert Disinfectant is a liquid used for skin and surface hygiene in the home, industry, agro-food and in communities, by the general public, except for sanitary units. Do not mix with other products. How to use: For human hygiene: apply by spraying, a sufficient amount of undiluted product, directly on the skin and [...]

26 Nov 2018

ROMTEC AUSTRIA launches the deicer fluid POLAR –18°C

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This fall, ROMTEC AUSTRIA launched POLAR –18°C, a deicer fluid wrapped in flexible packing (stand-up bag) measuring 3 liters, which defrosts, washes, and protects the windshield and the wiping mechanism, up to –18°C. The product doesn’t stain, doesn’t fall out limestone, and it can be used as such. THE PRODUCT IS COLORLESS! [...]

2 Oct 2017

ROMTEC AUSTRIA launches BrakeXpert® – Spray Brake Cleaner

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  ROMTEC AUSTRIA launches a new car repair product: BrakeXpert® - Spray Brake Cleaner, an aerosol based on light petroleum solvents and acetone used to clean vehicle brakes and other metal parts. By spraying from 10-20 cm, the product thoroughly cleans and degreases the surfaces, making it easier to mount the subassemblies and [...]

10 Sep 2017

New cans sizes for BlueXpert® – AdBlue®

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  Recently, Romtec Austria has added two new packages of BlueXpert® - AdBlue® for diesel-powered vehicles using SCR, EURO 4, EURO 5 & EURO 6. Launched in 2016, it is produced in Germany by BASF for Romtec Austria . At this time, BlueXpert® - AdBlue® is available on the market in 10L, [...]

26 Jan 2017

Update-design for JetXpert® deicer –35°C!

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Romtec Austria starts in 2017 with an upgrade-design of the product JetXpert® deicer –35°C with trigger, a 750ml PET with thermal sleeve. Continuing the graphical line of the previous packaging solution, the design provides more personality the product, thus increasing the visibility on the store's shelf. Click here for more information about [...]

11 Jan 2013

ROMTEC S.R.L. becomes a Romanian – Austrian joint venture with the name ROMTEC AUSTRIA S.R.L.

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Iasi, January 11, 2013 Dear Partners, Effective January 10th, 2013, ROMTEC S.R.L.  due to a change in the shareholder’s structure, become a Romanian – Austrian joint venture with the name ROMTEC AUSTRIA S.R.L.,in accordance with the applicable Romanian legislation. As a consequence, the name of the company will change to ROMTEC AUSTRIA S.R.L., as of [...]

29 Oct 2011

The official launch in Romania of the range GlycoXpert® G30®/G48® Glysantin®

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Pe data de 12 Octombrie 2011, a avut loc la Bucureşti lansarea oficială pe piaţa românească a produselor GlycoXpert® G30® şi GlycoXpert® G48®, odată cu anunţarea parteneriatului dintre ROMTEC şi BASF, producătorul celui mai bine vândut lichid de răcire auto pe piaţa europeană – Glysantin®. Romtec urmează să desfacă în România produsele proprii însoţite de [...]

29 May 2011

Romtec at “World of Private Label – 2011” by PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association), Amsterdam

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Targul International PLMA 2011 “World of Private Label” a inclus mai mult de 3,500 standuri de prezentare in peste 40 pavilioane nationale si regionale. Au fost expuse produse alimentare (proaspete, inghetate sau refrigerate, bauturi) si non-alimentare (cosmetice, frumusete si sanatate, domestice, intretinere auto, gradinarit, etc). Targul a avut loc intre 24 si 25 [...]

29 Sep 2009

ROMTEC obtained the European Certification “child-resistant” for stand-up pouches, being the first company worldwide to hold this certificate for this type of packaging!

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As a result of constant preoccupation to comply its products with the specific European legislation, ROMTEC certificated the stand-up pouches used to pack products classified as toxic, at a prestigious European institution in Germany - IVM (Institute VerpackungsMarktforschung). This one, in accordance with ISO 8317 (2003), issued the certificate of conformity: ZE 30691052009-8317/19.06.2009. Thus, all products [...]

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