MISSION – In the context of the globalization of trade, our organization is increasingly concerned with maintaining the top position nationally and expanding into new international segments as a supplier of high-performance products in the field of automotive consumables, fire extinguishers, household cleaning and maintenance products, air fresheners , insecticides and aqueous dispersion paints, by approaching new technologies, but especially by consistently applying the orientation towards customer satisfaction.
We can achieve this mission by involving the entire team in working systematically in order to permanently build trust with customers and other stakeholders in our ability to:

  • to satisfy the clients’ requirements paying the greatest attention to the quality of the supplied products;
  • to strictly observe the legal requirements regarding quality, environment, health and safety at work;
  • eliminate, reduce or control the impact on the environment and the risks to the health and safety of personnel, with acceptable economic costs;
  • to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances.

To this end, SC ROMTEC AUSTRIA continuously maintains and improves an integrated quality, environment, health and safety at work management system, based on the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2015, SR EN ISO 14001: 2015 and SR ISO 45001: 2018 standards.

VISION – The permanent concern of management for maintaining, applying, continuously improving the effectiveness of the integrated management system, the quality of its present and future products, environmental protection, health and safety at work which are basic elements in the development strategy of SC ROMTEC AUSTRIA. To this end, the management at the highest level is committed to ensuring resources and direct involvement in achieving the objectives:

In the field of quality (quality):

  • compliance with the legislation in force and with the requirements applicable in the field of design, production and delivery of manufactured products;
  • maintaining the top position on the national market and gaining new external segments by providing products at a quality level that meets customer requirements and expectations;
  • increasing the competitiveness of products by improving productivity, formulas used and technology;
  • developing the professional skills of employees and continuously improving the level of training.

In the field of environment and occupational health and safety (environment and SSO):

  • reducing the impact associated with its activities and products, present and future, on the environment by gradually replacing raw materials with materials with low impact on the environment and by manufacturing products that reduce the impact on users;
  • responsible and safe disposal of packaging and packaging waste of manufactured products;
  • preventing the occurrence of emergencies with an impact on the environment and the health and safety of personnel, including by establishing and applying coherent and effective measures to prevent major accidents involving hazardous substances;
  • adopting a preventive behavior against pollution in order to continuously improve environmental performance
  • prevention and minimization of the risks of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • taking into account the relevant requirements of all stakeholders – employees, neighborhoods, authorities, contractors.

The general objectives set by the integrated policy are met by the annual definition of specific objectives and targets in the quality improvement and environmental management programs and occupational health and safety, monitored through the Management Representative for Quality, Environment and SSO.

The top management of SC ROMTEC AUSTRIA, declares its determination to apply the integrated policy with responsibility, transparency and efficiency, ensuring the administrative and organizational framework for the active participation of each employee regardless of his position in the organization.

This policy statement is communicated to all staff under the organization’s control, is reviewed annually for its continued adequacy, as a symbol of management’s commitment to continuously improving the effectiveness of the integrated management system, and is available to interested parties.

Date: 24.03.2020


Cod PC 01; Ed. 3/Rev. 5 (updated on website on July 15, 2020)