JetXpert® –25°C cu Teflon™ surface protector, 2l, 4l

ROMTEC launches this fall the new winterscreen licquid JetXpert® with Teflonsurface protector –25°C. The product is composed with etanol insted of metanol being non-toxic and ready-biodegradable.

Wrapped in flexible packing (stand-up bag) measuring 2 and 4 liters, JetXpert® –25°C with Teflon™ surface protector defrosts, washes, and protects the windshield and the wiping mechanism, up to –25°C. The product doesn’t stain, doesn’t fall out limestone, and it can be used as such. Providing outstanding cleaning capacity, the product protects the rubber and plastic elements of nozzle and windscreen wipers, increasing their usage period, reduces the adherence of dirt on the windscreen for an easier cleaning and increases the visibility while driving.