Bucuresti, 12 Octombrie 2011

Glysantin®, Europe’s largest-selling engine coolant, is strengthening its market presence in Middle and Eastern Europe with two new partnerships with Romtec in Romania and Top Oil Services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This was announced today (October, 12) in Bucharest.

Romtec, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive fluids in Romania, will in future display the Glysantin® logo countrywide on its engine coolant product containers at service stations and supermarkets on the basis of a co-branding agreement with BASF.
BASF has further succeeded in winning another distribution partner in the form of Top Oil Services, a trader in lubricants and automotive chemicals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with an extensive distribution network in both countries.

“We are very pleased to now have two strong partners in Romtec and Top Oil Services to help us make Glysantin® even better known and to expand our leading position on the European market further,” says Dr. Mario Sandor, responsible at BASF for the sale of automotive fluids in Europe. “We have seen for some time now that the market for premium vehicles in Eastern Europe is growing – and we want to offer the buyers of these vehicles the extensive protection of our premium brand Glysantin® in their countries as well in future,” says Mike Freche, brand manager for Glysantin® at BASF.

About Romtec
ROMTEC was established in 1994. Investing every year, the company has become the main Romanian manufacturer of car care liquids and aerosols with technical uses. The company’s products are present on the shelves of about 1,300 point of sales all over the country, from the great retail chains, to almost every gas station. With a real desire to develop and continuously investing in new technologies and production facilities, ROMTEC had an excellent business trend, and the feedback received from its partners certifies the company’s capacity on this market. The company is widely recognized as the Romanian market leader by the business related companies such as: distributors, retail chains, raw material suppliers, other producers/competitors and consumers. All Romtec’s car care liquids are filled in stand-up bags, the most innovative package on the market. Further information about ROMTEC can be found on the Internet at www.romtec-austria.ro .

About Top Oil Services
Top Oil Services, k.s., was established in 1997 and is an importing company for lubricants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Additionally, Top Oil Services also distributes automotive additive products and other additives to business and industry. Sales volume is currently about 3,500 tons per year. Top Oil Services stocks all products on its own premises to guarantee quick delivery to its customers. The skills and competencies of its employees will assure the further development of the business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Further information on Top Oil Services can be found at www.top-oil.cz.

About Glysantin®
Glysantin®, the original from BASF, is Europe’s largest selling engine coolant. The products in the Glysantin® range reliably protect engines all year round from corrosion, overheating and frost, even under extreme climatic conditions. BASF first patented Glysantin® in 1929, and the coolants from Ludwigshafen have been very popular with motorists ever since. The proprietary products have the most OEM approvals from the large motor manufacturers. BASF works in cooperation with the leading automobile suppliers worldwide to ensure that the Glysantin® range always fulfils the latest demands. The high-performance engine coolants from BASF are suitable for use in all motor vehicles. Further information about Glysantin® can be found on the Internet at www.glysantin.com, http://www.facebook.com/Glysantin and http://twitter.com/Glysantin.