JetXpert Slim Fit is a concentrate that by dilution with water in the indicated proportion, becomes a summer
washing liquid of the highest quality, intended for the ecient removal of insect marks and other dirt from traf-
c on the windshields and headlights. The concentrate contains an ingredient that captures ions that determine
the hardness of the water, thus preventing the appearance of limescale deposits at the spray nozzles. Used only
at positive temperatures.


• Reduced wear of the wiper blades;

• Compatibility with the elements of the vehicles with which it comes into

contact (varnish, paint, rubber, polycarbonate, plastic, metal);

• Lack of limescale deposits at spray nozzles.

Why JetXpert Slim Fit?

• Easy to transport
• Up to 70% less plastic than a PET can
10 times reduction of storage space: 1 pallet SlimFit = 10 pallets Liquid 4
liters, 1 truck Slim Fit = 10 trucks Liquid 4 liters
10 times reduction of transport costs from platforms to stores;
• Reducing product handling costs in warehouses and stores;
• Reduces the shelf space;